CrossFit Class
  • You vs You CrossFit is located in the heart of downtown Avalon Park. Our facility has 2300+ sq/ft in total area.

  • You vs You is powered 100% by Rogue Fitness Equipment meant to offer to our athletes the best in class in fitness equipment. **Additionally our entire facility is AC covered.

  • Parking is first-come, first-served basis, but don’t sweat before the class, there are plenty of parking spots outside.

  • We offer to our members the most structured programming that prepares you to live life to its maximum whether is enjoying your kids, grand kids, your favorite sport (other than CrossFit, we know!!) or just staying away from chronic diseases.


Vinnie Bagnarolli
Vinnie Bagnarolli
Vinicius (Vinnie) Bagnarolli is the head coach and co-owner of You vs You CrossFit. Alongside his wife and partner, Gabriela (Gaby) Ristov, he was bitten by the ‘’CrossFit bug’’ in 2014 after a long time doing the ‘’regular’’ gym and being more concerned with aesthetics rather than the healt as a whole. Vinnie has been involved with sports since his adolescence where he played soccer, not professionally, as a goalie, practiced Capoeira, Ninjutsu, Boxing and Muay-Thay. Since he discovered CrossFit, Vinnie has had the opportunity to visit many CrossFit boxes around the world, made a lot of good friends in many different countries, and has improved his general health and habits ever since. Vinnie’s goals are to help people improve their health, general habits and mindset through CrossFit, to enjoy life to its maximum.
  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • CF-L2 Trainer
  • Olympic Weightlifting Course – Athlete’s Institute Brazil
  • Lift Heavy Often Seminar and training camp by Elijah Muhammad – Translator, staff and participant
  • Training with Rich Froning weekend
  • Brazilian Games for Vision – Competitor
  • Bachelor Degree in Business
  • International Business Management Diploma
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese (native language)
Gaby Ristov
Gaby Ristov
Gabriela (Gaby) Ristov discovered CrossFit in 2014 alongside her husband and partner Vinnie Bagnarolli. Gaby enjoyed the constant variation of the WODs since the beginning because training was not ‘’boring’’ anymore. Gaby is an avid runner and has been using CrossFit as a strength and conditioning method to improve her running and to prevent injuries. Gaby ran her first marathon in 2018, The Rio de Janeiro Marathon. Gaby trained Crossfit also during her pregnancy modifying and scaling all needed movements, and making her pregnancy even a better moment.
As a co-owner, Gaby is the one in charge to keep things running smoothly at You vs You, and her goals are to provide to her members the best customer service as possible combined with a great facility and equipment.
  • Julie’s Mom
  • Brazilian Games for Vision – Competitor
  • A handful of Half-marathons
  • Rio de Janeiro Marathon
  • Volta da Ilha Run Florianópolis
  • Degree in Law
  • Masters in Tax
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese (native Language)

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