group using rowing machines for crossfit training

CrossFit is a strength training and general conditioning program that provides the widest possible physiological adaptation for any type of person, age or independent physical level, generating greater optimization of all functions;  they are cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

The CrossFit class will be one hour in length. All Classes will start with a general instruction, dynamic stretching, warm-up, the skill component and the WOD. Scaling of the movements, weights, and rep range will be suggested by our qualified coaches according to the need of each athlete.

The skill component is designed to develop motor patterns for consistency of movement over extended rep ranges as well as working on developing new skills. Likewise, the strength component is designed to develop strength capacity which makes more complex movements easier and increases overall work capacity. 

Here at You vs You CF, CrossFit it’s more than just a training regimen, it’s a community activity, and the WOD is just one part of it. Join one of our group classes and feel the power of the community. And as we always say, it is You vs You, make sure you win!


Couple learning foundational movements of CrossFit with barbells

Are you new to CrossFit? Start here! These are (3) 45-minute sessions [one-on-one/small group coaching] that will consist of instruction and practice of the 9 foundational movements that you will be utilizing during the group classes. Mastering these movements will allow you to complete workouts with power, technique, and intensity while preventing injury.

The 9 foundational movements are air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and medicine ball clean

In addition to these movements we will also be covering the standard and scaled versions of: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, and rowing. Using scaled versions will allow you to master the technique, develop the R.O.M. (range of motion), and build the strength needed to progress to the full movement or exercise.

As you progress, we will incorporate more training and instruction on advanced body-weight and weighted movements. Examples of these exercises include kettlebell swings, dumbbells, wall ball throws, thruster, barbell clean, barbell snatch, jumping rope, and more.

At the end of this 3-day personalized program, you’ll be prepared with everything you need to step into our Group classes and W.O.D (workout of the day) with confidence and proficiency.

These [semi] private sessions are designed for the new CrossFitter. Completion of the fundamental classes is mandatory for entry into our group classes.


Man performing deadlifts in open gym

You vs You CrossFit is a coach-led facility.  We have a staff of expert coaches and we encourage all our members and visitors to benefit from them.  We incentivize all our members and guests to join our regularly scheduled classes. However, if you can’t attend the group class, would like to work on something specific or to have 1:1 coaching (Personal Training not included), you can leverage our open gym times.

Although the open gym is not coached, there will always be someone around to ensure safety, however, any coach present will be busy with other duties and therefore not focused on coaching.

To ensure safety and cleanliness all athletes using the open gym time must wrap up their workout 10 mins prior to the group class start and have the used space and equipment sanitized and organized.

Finally, please be considerate of all others sharing the space during Open Gym and be sure to leave it as clean as possible.

Thank you!

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